Coaching Golf

Devoted teachers must accept that they move in the shadows, not in the spotlight. Yet, teachers are often the force, inspiration and support behind many performers and performances.

One key to successful teaching is recognising the importance of the language and choice of word used to communicate with students. While this may seem self-evident, I believe that it is important to use a great deal of humour, verbal imagery and mime – the more colourful the more successful!

Understanding that there is not always a right or only way to achieve desired results, the  successful teacher must often reflect on their own methodology. A teacher’s influence must   focus on the general impact on the student and not the specific.

A good golf teacher has to have a powerful sense of movement, the ability to perceive what might not be working successfully and a clearly defined discipline based on tolerance and not on rigidity.

While building a player’s technique, the golf teacher must educate, inspire and expand the player’s vision, encourage them to understood and embrace their game and support them to cope with the inevitable frustrations and standstills along the way.

A good teacher always recognises that the player has the key role and, in the shadows, must mould the personality of the golfer into one which can both create and perform.

And a few thoughts for aspiring golfers…

even if you have a good swing, you have to learn to play with it, and to make it obey.
the good golfer needs to ‘see’ their swing, without having to watch it on video
the swing is a blend of rhythmic coordination, technique, strength and temperament