Enjoying Golf

Those who calculate such things believe there were 109 aces yesterday. There will be 109 tomorrow, the same number the following day. They will be recorded by those who have never before gripped a club (and never will again), and by ancient mariners who after 60 years of never getting one find they can come in bunches. Four members of the same Pennsylvania family have each holed out – on the same hole! And consider the possibilities of a curious fact – each cup can accommodate four golf balls. Could it ever? Nah. Well, maybe!

Holes in one have bounded off trees, rocks, cart paths and body parts, and they have been launched on their glorious way with borrowed sticks and every club from putter to “trusty” four-wood to Snoopy driver.

Mark Brooks must be in the minority of those who see “golf’s uncommonly common miracle” as “just another shot.” For others, it’s simply a matter of “aiming and having fun.” Religious or supernatural intervention is a regular theme. Then there is the chap whose card on the back nine went: 9-21-9-16-11-13-1-11-9 = 100. Another guy’s card ran: 2-1-1-2. Gary Player’s wife had two in the same day, although why we need to be told this story twice is but a minor glitch in an otherwise absorbing frolic recounting this happiest and most unexpected shot.

Many golfers have never seen the ball go in, a personal secret fear, but the incidence of golfers who if not called their shot at least privately raised the possibility could lead one to reconsider a divine assist. You never know. Then again, the odds of getting a hole in one are (depending upon whose stats you buy into) about the same as being struck by lightning. Dear Lord, just so they don’t both occur on the same day.