Gene Sarazen – ‘Thirty Years of Championship Golf’


Gene SarazenSarazen played during the ‘Golden Era of American Golf’ (between 1920 and 1949 he played over 8,000 rounds of competitive golf and captured all four of golf’s major championships). Here is his personal account of growing up, discovering golf, his early work as a golf caddy, and insights and stories about his time at the very top of the game.

For the golfer, the strength of this book are the accounts of his competition rounds, the clarity with which he remembers significant holes and rounds played, the way he compiled his scores and the shots he played. Along with stories of fellow competitors his account makes for fascinating insights into the game for the golf beginner and  seasoned player alike.

While we may think that we have ‘moved on’ and that ‘modern golf is a different game’, Sarazen’s insights into the ‘heart of battle’ of championship golf are still relevant for aspiring champions today – whether the medal at your local club or high level amateur or professional competition.

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