Learning Golf

Individual golf swings are not an accident. Sound fundamentals and correct principles (as Ben Hogan knew) enable the golfer to change technique, improve ball striking and improve the swing action. You have to do the right things to be a good player but you can look different. Observe Trevino, Couples, Furyk, Monty, Stadler, Palmer, Woods and Nicklaus – all great players with individual styles.

Ian Butcher has developed a practical golf swing philosophy, properly explained and demonstrated. It makes sense. It feels correct. It works for you.

Ian  will not teach in the usual “nice observations, irrelevant information” manner. He will not try to turn you into a robot or make you like someone else.

Be yourself. Feel it. Understand your own secrets. Develop the correct principles within your own style.

Ian will help you to discover angles, lines and levels. Try some different positions. See some new paths. Recognise the feel of correct movement. Change the sound of your ball striking.

There are good positions and moves but above all your swing action has to fit you. Yes, your swing can evolve and improve dramatically.

What more do you need?

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