Numbers tell us nothing

jjw-san-lorenzo-golf-course-online-scorecardNo pictures on a scorecard…

What is your score ? Well your score is the addition of the number of strokes taken. Numbers followed by arithmetic . In the old days it was a pencil mark for every shot taken, now it is a number per hole. So where do statistics come in to the equation? Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics. They distract you from the task in hand. Get the numbers down and lower your score. Now that is an interesting formula.  But it is hardly rocket science.

How on Earth could I make an industry out of that? ‘Do the Maths’, they say: but hang on a minute, it is only arithmetic. Add up the numbers.

But the numbers don’t tell you anything, because they are just numbers, they are not words or picture . So logically, and if we think clearly and carefully, statistics are made out of numbers. So what can they tell us? If statistics were made from words or pictures, then maybe we would have a clearer view about our performance.

Numbers tell us nothing, numbers do not measure performance, numbers add up to a score and then we post our scorecard

This is down to earth stuff so give the scientists the rocket.

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