The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf: Butch Harmon

As a golfer of over 35 years, a collector of golf books, and a serious student of the game, I believe “The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf” is the most easily understood instructional books published on golf and a must for both the beginner or advanced golfer. Key to successful golf is an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the swing as well as the ability to form simple, repeatable thoughts as you play a shot. Butch Harmon provides the reader tightly focused instructional text along with with first rate photos and illustrations essential to understanding the basics of the game. Unlike many books that stress the “simplicity of the game”, Harmon minces no words on the importance of physical conditioning to achieve a higher level of play. It is this candor and his solid recommendations on how to development better golfing fitness that sets this books above the rest. In short, “The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf” belongs on the bookshelf of any golfer wanting to better understand the game and improve his or her ability.

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