The Plane Truth for Golfers by Jim Hardy and John Andrisani

The most amazing thing about golf is that the harder you try to get better the more confused and erratic you become.
Although this book suffers from a paucity of pictures and a rather text-heavy format, if you are a technically-minded ‘student of the swing’then you will wish you read this book years ago.
I have numerous books, DVDs and subscriptions to magazines and what strikes you is how much contradictory information is out there in so-called ‘instruction bibles’. With his break down of the one and two-plane swings, Hardy shows the reader why he cannot produce consistant results – because he has elements of both swings in his game.
This book is not for the absolute beginner, but for those who thought they understood the golf swing, but did not understand why they could not apply what they know, this is GOLD DUST!

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